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Trainer skills

Delivering excellent training looks easy – it isn’t. Whether it be face to face or virtual, at Business Linked Teams we know just how hard it is to develop and deliver training solutions that are enjoyable and cover the relevant content at the same time as having a real, measurable impact on the people and teams that they are targeted at.

The experience and knowledge of own team of trainers and consultants is testament to what it takes to be a good trainer and their expertise is what shines though in our solutions.

We’ve spent more than 20 years refining our own approach to planning, designing and delivering outstanding training and we want to share our approach with our customers to help them to develop their own internal training experts and programmes.

Our training excellence programmes

Our training excellence solutions cover a variety of areas. We develop internal trainer competency from basic through to advanced, we help technical organisations to enhance the skills of their technical trainers so that training is engaging and impactful and we also go beyond that to develop specialist training skills such as facilitation one to one coaching.

As well as developing internal trainers we often design customer specific training packages – not for us to deliver but to be delivered by experts in the customer’s organisation. In order to make this process as smooth as possible we work in partnership to train the trainers equipping them with both the core training skills and the knowledge and understanding of the package in question.


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