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Sales training

At Business Linked Teams we are experts in developing the capability of B2B sales professionals in large global businesses. We work extensively with sales people from all levels of the organisation and have a comprehensive understanding of the challenges that they face both operationally and strategically.

Our global perspective means that we have an international view of how markets are changing and how buyers in a complex environment continue to evolve their buying habits. As a result, we’ve been able to identify the critical selling capabilities and behaviours that sales people need in order to achieve outstanding results.

Our sales development solutions are based on our extensive cross industry experience and are completely tailored to the unique operating environments of each of our customers. As part of our customisation process, we invest heavily in getting to know your business and your people and we make sure that we integrate your strategic goals, your processes, your products and your working culture as a fundamental part of the solutions that we deliver.

Our sales training programmes

Our sales training portfolio is a result of our extensive global experience and understanding of how the top-performing organisations in the world achieve outstanding sales results.

Each and every programme that we deliver is tailored to make sure that it is aligned to the specific needs of the organisation and the target group in question. We know that simply focusing on sales skills development isn’t, on its own enough to achieve a sustained change in behaviour.

Our programmes are built around your sales process, they emphasise the importance of customer centricity and they place value communication and the concept of early engagement at the forefront of the sales conversation. In essence, we use a combination of insight and solution selling to ensure that your people understand the unique role that they play within your sales organisation.


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> Core Sales Skills

> Customer Experience 

> Insight Selling 

> Negotiation Skills

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> Sales Presentation Skills

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> Telephone Sales Excellence

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