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Leadership development

A strong leadership population is at the heart of any organisation that wants to grow and diversify and at Business Linked Teams we know that a strategic approach to leadership development is key to ensuring that businesses have the right people, with the right skills in place to drive the business forward.

We work with many global organisations to identify the leadership capabilities that will be required today and into the future and we use that information to create leadership development strategies that are relevant across the organisation’s hierarchy and can be applied in multiple ways.

Our range of leadership development solutions are customised from the start and are designed to help individuals, teams and entire business units to amplify their leadership performance. Our overriding aim is always to help people to change their behaviour so that they can do what is needed to contribute to the achievement of business objectives in a way that is in line with their values and fosters a more inclusive and collaborative working environment.

Our leadership programmes

Our portfolio of leadership development solutions has been developed and refined over time and reflects our understanding of the business needs of organisations with diverse populations, locations, customers and solutions. We strive to integrate the very best in management development thinking with the latest thought leadership, blending theory with a good dose of pragmatism to make sure that no matter the level or seniority of the target group, our solutions are eminently practical and will lead to a change in behaviour.

As with all our solutions, every intervention, every training programme and every coaching session is tailored to make sure that it is aligned to the specific needs of the organisation and the individuals in question. We always go the extra mile to ensure that our programmes are firmly integrated with the organisation’s existing development processes and we ensure that, as part of the final solution, we have also put in place a plan for sustaining the changes that we have inspired.


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