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What makes us different


Our customers tell us that we are different and that working with us is different too.   

We strive to be different.   

We strive to be exceptional and for our solutions to have a long lasting impact – we want your experience of working with us to be extraordinary.   

Here are 6 reasons why you will find working with us different too: 


Our values – we walk the talk

For us, our values are a key part of what makes us different - they are the drivers behind the way we work, the way that we treat people and the commitment we have to achieving outstanding results for our customers. Central to those values is integrity – it’s at the heart how we want to work and it’s the guiding principle by which we interact with our customers.  

Our open communication and transparent approach – it’s how we develop long term relationships

We believe that being open and transparent is key to developing a collaborative working environment and a high level of trust between ourselves and our customers.  When it comes to getting the best out of a project or an initiative, we advocate an open approach to communication and a transparent approach to pricing.  

Our commitment to customised solutions – it’s what we do

One size does not fit all – it just doesn’t. No two business are the same, no two customers are the same and in spite of the fact there are more than 7.5billion people in the world, no two of them are the same either. Keeping this in mind we don’t offer off the shelf packages. We pride ourselves in working with each and every customer to develop fully customised solutions that are focused on changing behaviour and delivering long term results for the business.  

Our global expertise and understanding

Our particular area of specialism is in delivering global programmes. As well as being able to deliver in more than 22 languages, we know what it takes to make sure that globally designed programmes are customised to fit local needs and market conditions. As standard, we work in collaboration with head offices and local management teams from around the world to make sure our solutions are adapted to reflect the needs and ways of working of people from a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds – indeed the very essence of our approach is making sure that we leverage cultural and geographical diversity to create solutions that have a direct and lasting impact on organisational performance and results across international boundaries. 

Our ability to change

All of the projects we work on and the businesses we work with are dynamic – they are at the leading edge of what they do and they operate in dramatically changing markets. Our customers need partners that are able to support them in their dynamism which is why our approach to creating and implementing development solutions has to be equally dynamic. For each project we embark on we set short and long term goals and map detailed plans for implementation but we also plan to change, we build flexibility into our solutions and we pride ourselves on changing what we deliver based on what our customer’s needs are. 

Our dedication to changing behaviour

Changing behaviour isn’t easy. No matter what walk of life you find yourself in or how dedicated you are, it’s hard to change old habits, to learn new skills and to apply them in new situations. Our solutions are not about delivering content, we don’t even think of ourselves as running training courses. Our aim is to change behaviour so that people behave differently as a result of our solutions and that’s why we never start our design process with ‘what do you want to cover’, we always start with ‘what do you want to achieve?’ and ‘how will things be different as a result of this intervention?’