Customer Service | 1 – 2 day programme

A highly interactive programme for individuals who want to deliver first class customer care for their business.

This programme has been developed around the customer focus cycle and has been designed to blend existing customer service skills, with the strategic concept of long term customer care for the future. It also provides participants with an understanding of the strategic importance of customer service excellence and its contribution towards the achievement of business goals.

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As a result of attending this programme participants will be able to recognise the strategic role that long term customer relationships play in a profitable business and will be able to use their skills to move beyond individual transactions to developing ongoing and mutually beneficial relationships.

  • Principles of excellence in customer care
  • The strategic role of long term customer relationships in organisations
  • The difference between customer service and customer care
  • Identifying customer needs
  • Customer care skills
  • Strategies for delivering against customer needs and exceeding their requirements
  • Eliminating barriers to delivering excellence in customer care
  • Using advanced communication techniques to develop relationships and build trust
  • Dealing with difficult customer situations and getting a positive outcome
  • Developing long term, mutually beneficial customer relationships
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