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We love getting feedback from our customers – read more below about what our customers have to say 


I have recently attended a Presentation Skills workshop run by BLT and right from the very first moment when entering the training room through to the very end, the workshop was a real learning experience which will be remembered and easily applied to my everyday life. The workshop was very interactive with a highly practical approach including personal feedback with useful support material to take away. I have found the workshop a great support to improve my skills and thus enable me to transmit my message to the audience and create the expected impact. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who has done presentations where the audience is either not aware of the topic, cannot follow the presenter, is reading her/his Blackberry or e-mails or worse, sleeping or completely distracted!


Working with BLT was a pleasure from day one! It felt like we were THE customer whose needs were the most important ones to be fulfilled. In the middle of creating the training programme, the global pandemic arrived and changed everything… Looking back, I think the best part of working with BLT was their ability to change plans, to adjust content based on the feedback and to make us feel like the center of attention – it was always clear that success was our common target. Thank you BLT, I’m happy to recommend your company to colleagues and looking forward to working with you again!


We all know what we need to do, how we need to act and what can be done better, but in Business Linked Teams training sessions those cases came to real and at least my eyes opened and the training gave me a good path to follow. The trainer herself took training to next level and actually participated fully with us and gave useful tips. I can recommend this training for all my colleagues.


I have worked with Business Linked Teams on a number of occasions. BLT has a team of very competent and experienced trainers with a unique style using accelerated learning techniques such as stories, case studies and real experiences to anchor participant learning. The attention to detail of their training session plans is exceptional, ensuring that the content is closely linked to the client's business environment, guaranteeing business results. In my experience Business Linked Teams is a very professional company, passionate about the development of people within organisations. I would personally recommend BLT if you need a training provider who is committed to achieving business results through the enhancement of individuals and teams.

SMS Group

Having used a number of training providers over the last 10 years, BLT have always had a different, much more proactive and value adding approach. The first aspect of any interaction with BLT is their desire to understand what the required outcomes are of any training programme, so that a programme can be designed and tailored to meet this need.

They have a depth of understanding and experience of almost all market segments that my teams have operated in and a wealth of knowledge of past and present sales and behavioural techniques to ensure that the most appropriate mechanism is used to develop the individual.

BLT provide a professional solution that is project managed from start to finish, including all the necessary arrangements and communications with the participants and the organiser. This will often include pre and post programme calls which gives the participants the opportunity to highlight their expectations and also, very importantly, starts to measure the impact of the program in real terms. For example, the value of orders that have been placed as a direct result of the skills that participants have gained through the training programme. A final strength of BLT is their ability to work across the globe, tailoring their delivery and content to the cultures and different markets in which we all operate.


I have worked with Business Linked Teams on different occasions. Our co-operation started when I was still employed by another company but I am more than happy to continue working with them. I have seen several training providers and BLT is definitely one of the best. I can highly recommend them due to their professional and inspiring touch, not forgetting the added value you get for your investment.


BLT provided a first class team event for my team - the feedback from every individual involved was fantastic and the impact that it had on their performance back at work was significant and lasting. I would recommend BLT to anyone who wants to develop individuals through training or enhance the performance of their teams.


Business Linked Teams offered me more than I expected from a training provider. From proposal to delivery, the service and quality was second to none. It was such a pleasure working with such reliable, organised and professional people.


The amalgamation of Elstree and London Colney Distribution Service Centres resulted in a Service Centre that is the third largest in the UK and Ireland. This was a mammoth task for the 180 staff involved and we had to perform to our maximum in a very short period of time. Business Linked Teams, played a tremendous part in getting the team to a high performing stage using highly professional expertise in team development.


The combined approach of using our own in-house training expertise and business knowledge along with BLT's global experience of training allowed us to share ideas and agree a strategy that really delivered great ROI for our business.