Giving General Business Managers the edge

10th May 2017

The job of a general business manager is tough one – leading and aligning a multitude of functions with an equally diverse team of experts and professionals can be a challenge.  How then, can businesses make sure that their MD’s GM’s and Area managers have the skills, experience and functional expertise to ensure that they can make effective decisions in a way that will lead to high levels of motivation and profitable growth for the business?

As a global business, KONE knows the importance of developing current and future general managers who are able to operate in line with global policies and practices as the same time as being able to adapt these approaches to reflect local market trends and ways of working.

Looking for an innovative way of achieving this capability, the Global Training and Competence Development Team has developed a flexible program aimed at general managers, that is being rolled out regionally and delivered internally by local teams of functional or subject matter experts.

Each program is owned locally, meaning that while the topics covered may be the same across the globe and include modules on Finance, Operations, HR and Managing the Sales function, the actual content of these modules will vary greatly dependent on the business priorities of the local unit and the characteristics of the local market. 

At Business Linked Teams, we’ve seen an increase in the number of organisations who are fast tracking the development of their leaders through tailored programs that blend classic leadership theory with specialist internal knowledge and expertise.  We’ve been helping those organisations to both design these programs so that they can be easily transferred between units and by developing the training and facilitation skills of the functional specialists and subject matter experts who are delivering the sessions.  In our experience, the benefits of such programs are significant and they make a lasting impact on the way that individuals are able to apply their skills and learning to the way that they operate on a daily basis.