1st July 2015

Since 2014 we have been working closely with Caverion Group, industry leaders in designing and building energy-efficient buildings systems, to devise a leadership programme that uses our powerful leadership development techniques to deliver their business goals.  With our experience of programme development for organisations who manufacture and sell technically complex products, BLT was the obvious partner to collaborate with.

Following a successful pilot of the Leadership Safari in Sweden in October 2014, Caverion are rolling out 26 programs across Norway, Germany, Sweden and Finland in 2015, training around 305 participants, with more planned for 2016. Due to its resounding success the Leadership Safari, which was initially intended for managers in Caverion’s service areas, will now be cascaded to all line managers within the organisation.

To date feedback from the 3 day programme has been extremely positive, with participants keen to share the success stories of how they’ve been able to implement their learning back at work and to achieve outstanding results for their business.