BLT Negotiation Skills open courses

1st January 2015

We run Negotiation Skills open courses that are designed to provide sales people with a range of skills and techniques that will help them to negotiate in both simple and complex sales scenarios

Each of our open courses are built around the guiding principle of blended learning, and from the moment you enrol you will find yourself on a journey of discovery, where you will participate in a range of brain-based learning activities that are focused on ensuring that you can apply our new found skills and knowledge as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Every course is run by one of our senior international training team members, so you can be certain that, not only will you be able to learn from others on the programme, you will also benefit from the experience of trainers with a proven track record in the Essential sales skills area.

For more information on our Negotiation Skills programme and what’s included, download our brochure.